About Us

For 40 plus years, Riot Art & Craft has been serving the art community with passion. As Australia's largest art and craft supplies retailer, we stock a huge range of arts, crafts, and graphic materials at the most competitive prices. Whether you’re a hobbyist, art student, school teacher or art professional, you’ll find what you need to bring your inner vision to life at Riot Art & Craft

Our Beliefs

At Riot Art & Craft

  • We believe every person should follow their interests and creative pursuits.
  • We believe in affordable access to an extensive range of art and crafting equipment.
  • We believe in expert customer service - given with a smile and helping hand. 
  • That’s why we’re ready to serve the community with the knowledge and resources. 
  • That’s why we love to see self-expression at work.

At Riot Art & Craft, we’re ready to bring your inner vision to life.