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Kasia Michalska

Instagram: @kasiacanvas

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Humans have been using paint to express themselves but never have artists been offered more opportunities to get creative than they enjoy right now. From artist quality acrylic, gouache and oil paints to dramatic watercolours and everything in between, we stock all the painting supplies and equipment you need to create your next masterpiece.

Craft Supplies

Create personalised, home-made items such as jewellery, candles, masks, and more with our extensive range of craft supplies. Craft activities are a fun, relaxing, and relatively low-cost way of keeping your mind and hands busy in your free time. Crafting is also a fabulous way of spending time with your children while encouraging them to explore their creativity

Kids Art & Craft

Nurture your child’s creativity by encouraging them to explore their more artistic side with our range of art and craft supplies for kids. Creative activities can engage a child’s fine motor skills, while also helping them to recognise patterns and learn their shapes and colours. Fostering a creative mindset is also a marvellous way of encouraging children to think outside the box, a valuable skill for any developing mind. We offer a range of art and craft supplies for kids, but you may find yourself having just as much fun getting creative as they do!


Whether scribbling out ideas for another medium, or producing a finished piece using pencil and paper, drawing offers so many unique opportunities for artistic expression. At Riot Art & Craft, you’ll find a huge range of drawing supplies and tools, from markers, pencils, pastels and charcoal, through to paper, knives, and rulers. Everything you need to pursue your affection for sketching and drawing.

Yarn, Crochet & Sewing

Learning to work with a needle and thread isn’t just fun, it’s useful too! Here at Riot Art & Craft we have all the sewing, crochet, and needlework supplies you need to fuel your love for the woven arts. We have a wide variety of yarn and floss available, as well as a generous selection of tools and kits to help get you started.   

Modelling & Casting

Take your creativity to a whole new dimension with our range of modelling and casting equipment. Empowering artists to turn their greatest ideas into their greatest creations, we offer a variety of clays and sculpting tools, as well as all the supplies you need to make quality moulds and casts.